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The 7on7 No-Huddle Offense

One of the clearest facts of the 7on7 Game for anyone who has ever played is this-It’s a High-powered, High-Scoring Offensive Game…all the time! And while defense is of course an integral part of the game- indeed a stout “D” can win games for youR...

Why the Play-Action Pass in 7on7 Football is Still Needed

The reasons for competing in 7on7 leagues and tournaments are many. It sharpens the receiving and quarterbacking skills of the offensive players. It is a great way for defensive players to get much-needed pass coverage experience. So, what about thos...

Quick Recruiting Tips: Understanding a College Football Recruiting Staff and it’s Responsibilities

One of the first recruiting tips you should begin to understand is how a typical college football recruiting staff operates, and how they ten to have a limited amount of time with their year-round responsibilities. It is impossible for them to recrui...

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