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Why you should be using the QB Tee for 7on7 Football

Written by Shawn Smith with Texas Elite 7on7 As the Owner and Founder of Texas Elite 7on7 we are always striving to produce a great product for our Teams, Coaches and Parents. One of the biggest discrepancies we used to have was the 4 sec- count or c...

Why Youth 7on7 Passing Leagues are a Must for Your Student Athlete

Look at some of the star players in the NFL today, and you’ll see why 7on7 passing leagues are pivotal to today’s elementary and high school kids. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are two well-known names from the college draft a few years ago who ...

Top 5 Reasons You Should Play 7on7 football in the Offseason

In the not so distant past, 7on7 football was only played primarily during the Summer and only through your high school to get in a little extra training for your skill position players.  Today, 7on7 football essentially starts as soon as the regular...

Maximizing your Football Assessment with NextPlay the Combine Assistant App

As a youth football administrator, there are a number of important tasks we have to get right for our season to be a success. Yet there is one critical, often under-served event that sets us up for a season full of fun, competitively balanced games: ...

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