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Competition fierce at North Carolina 7on7 State Football Championships

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WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) – The message Saturday at the 7-on-7 State Football Championships is simple.

“All I talked to them about is compete, compete,” said Green Hope head football coach Kwame Dixon.

Week one of the high school football season is still more than a month away as players work to get into shape while building a bond with teammates.

This event at Wake Forest Middle School is a perfect chance for players to test their skill level against opponents they may face later this season.

“This is a great opportunity for us to see different levels of competition,” explained Dixon. “We get to see teams from 1-A to 4-A as well as the 4-A teams that we’ll hopefully play against down the road.”

North Carolina 7on7 is wide open, pedal to the metal action where a quarterback and his favorite target can shine.

But on this day the big guys got a chance as well to show what they can do.

“I spent five years in the league and this is how I made my money and I love it,” said Emerson Martin who played in the NFL with the Chiefs, Panthers and Steelers.

The lineman came out of hibernation to compete in a set of challenging drills. Each player would accumulate points according to his performance as he goes station to station.

In the end, one lineman would stand alone.
“There are so many things the specialist guys get to do,” Martin said. “They get to travel and do the 7-on-7s. So we try to incorporate the big guys in this event because it’s an event that allows them to shine and show what they’ve got.”

In just over a month the skilled players and road graders will come together as the pads will pop, another high school football season in our midst.


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Travis Burnett is the lead contributor at 7on7 Zone, along with FlagSpin.com, PLAYRSClub.com and other recreational sports blogs.

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