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Top 5 Reasons You Should Play 7on7 football in the Offseason

Top 5 Reasons You Should Play 7on7 football in the Offseason
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In the not so distant past, 7on7 football was only played primarily during the Summer and only through your high school to get in a little extra training for your skill position players.  Today, 7on7 football essentially starts as soon as the regular season ends, with 7on7 leagues, tournaments and camps in full swing all the way up to August when everyone heads back to school. Here are our top 5 reasons why we feel every high school football skill position player should play 7on7 football every offseason!

1. Repetition

The best way to improve route running, catching the football, timing, ability to break on the ball and more is through repetition, and 7on7 provides added opportunities to improve those skills in a low pressure, non-contact environment safely.  7on7 football allows you to hone your skills, timing and get on the same page with other players on your team in a fun and exciting way that can carry over to the regular season.

2. Exposure

7on7 football is increasingly becoming a great way to get your name out there to college recruiters across the country. With more and more film coming from the events, a higher level of competition across the board and a way to showcase your talents in a variety of ways year round, 7on7 can be a benefit to players looking to be recruited, among other ways you can check out here in our E-Book!

3. Competition

The competition level of 7on7 football across the country has grown leaps and bounds both with intra-school competitions and with the more recent select-style leagues and tournaments becoming more popular allowing you to play with and against top players from across the country. Rarely does a high school athlete get an opportunity to play with or against other players outside of their standard state or district, so this can be a huge bonus for exposure and building camaraderie!

4. Simulation

7on7 passing drills and simulated offense vs. defense situations and play has been utilized by virtually all teams for much longer than the organized sport of 7on7 football in the offseason, so clearly there are many benefits to it’s use. The ability to simulate your offensive passing game against a live defense in a non-contact environment while still encouraging competition and giving full effort is key, and 7on7 is a great way to accomplish all of that, and against other teams instead of just scrimmaging your own team as well.  There isn’t a better, more efficient and safe way to work on in-game scenarios than by playing 7on7.

5. Training

7on7 is typically a faster paced and cardiovascular intensive game than traditional football in most cases, considering it’s a passing play every down with alot of routes being run back to back. What better way to work on your speed and agility, arm strength, explosiveness and reaction time than by simultaneously playing the game you love?


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Travis Burnett is the lead contributor at 7on7 Zone, along with FlagSpin.com, PLAYRSClub.com and other recreational sports blogs.

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