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Why Youth 7on7 Passing Leagues are a Must for Your Student Athlete

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Look at some of the star players in the NFL today, and you’ll see why 7on7 passing leagues are pivotal to today’s elementary and high school kids. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are two well-known names from the college draft a few years ago who contribute part of their success with being in the top round of picks with 7on7.

Developing Quarterbacks

The game of football has changed over the years from primarily a running game to the pass heavy game it is today. To be successful with passing, you need a lot of practice. 7on7 passing leagues provide that practice in a safe environment. Since no tackles are allowed, players can focus more on setting up their throw and completing it perfectly.

Accuracy comes from practice, and you get a lot of practice in 7on7. Hundreds of throws develops your muscles, your mind and your hand-eye coordination to the point where you can make every kind of pass out there. You learn to throw where’s there’s coverage even if it’s deep.

Quarterbacks develop their talents to impress their high school coaches as well as college recruiters. Any QB who can throw for thousands of yards with impeccable accuracy is going to attract attention. He’s going to make the game.

Increased Exposure

When a passing league has the reputation of creating strong players, college recruiters pay attention. While Texas has honed the skills of many players in the college circuit and the NFL through 7on7, other leagues have also created a solid reputation.

College recruiters know which clubs have those reputations and they want in early. They know big demand surrounds the top players, so they express an interest before others get the chance. What this means for the student is they have more offers on the table, each one offering a little more than the last one. They get to choose where they want to play and on what terms.

Improved Game Skills

While the quarterback often gets the most attention for what he can do in a passing league, other players develop their skills, such as the wide receivers and linebackers. When they join the team for the regular season, they feel better prepared. They’ve had time to practice the same play over and over. This gives them the added confidence they need to know they can make it when the game is on the line.

Even though 7on7 is very competitive and fast-paced, kids still have more time to learn new skills and develop their current abilities. This can take them from sitting on the sidelines as an average player to being on the field as they make the big plays.

Youth passing leagues have a lot to offer young athletes who see scholarships in the future or if they just want to sharpen their skills and be the best football player they can be.

If you’re looking for youth or high school 7on7 passing leagues in your area, be sure and check our league directory to get started!

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Travis Burnett is the lead contributor at 7on7 Zone, along with FlagSpin.com, PLAYRSClub.com and other recreational sports blogs.

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